Sue's son, Tyler. January 2005 


Are you interested in looking at Labor and Birth in a whole new light?  Are you interested in bringing your child into the world without the aid of drugs or unnecessary medical interventions? 

 If you have answered yes to the above questions, you need support and guidance for your choices.  Birth Labyrinth Childbirth Preparation uses the philosophies of Birthing From Within to help you understand the Labor and Birth process in order to increase your chances of a drug-free birth.

 The profound mystery and spirituality of birth can never be understood with the mind.  They are known through the heart.  It is this knowing from the heart that is critical for women, and the birthing couple as a whole, in preparing for their rite of passage.  Birthing from Within's multi-sensory approach has evolved to help women and their partners make that Journey in awareness and with heightened confidence.

If you have told friends and family of your desire for a birth without drugs, chances are you may not have much support.  You will find the support and guidance you need through Birth Labyrinth to give birth to your child the way you believe is right for you and your new Family, along with the tools you need to do it.