Parents' individual needs and differences determine class content

Examining the difference between the medical model of Labor & the intuitive Journey of Labor

Areas you can expect to explore during class:


Parents deserve support for any birth option they choose, whether it be drugs, cesarean, hospital, birth center or homebirth

Worry is the work of pregnancy- examining your fears

Preparation for birth is treated as the Rite of Passage it is no matter where, how or with whom parents are giving birth

Exploring the power of your Voice in Labor

Childbirth is a Rite of Passage not a medical event (even when medical care plays a part)

Interacting with other pregnant couples who have similar fears, worries and situations

Guiding Principles and Philosophical Assumptions

The days following birth and the many ways your Life will change

Understanding modern day views of pregnancy and Labor and their limitations

Looking at the pain of childbirth in a new and completely different way

Pain-coping practices to get you through Labor

The possibility of unexpected, unwelcome surprises is a part of preparing parents for birth & parenthood

Fathers and birth partners help best as birth guardians or loving partners not as coaches.  They also need support

The pregnant couple works together to understand how best to work with pain 

PAIN is an inevitable part of childbirth, yet much can be done to ease SUFFERING.  There is a difference!

The main focus of the class is *birthing-in-awareness* rather than birth outcome

Childbirth preparation is parent preparation

Understanding Labor Day