About Sue



Sue Schumerth is a registered Birthing From Within mentor, who experienced the births of her two boys in both a hospital setting and at home.  She has a unique range of perspective regarding birth, as both of her boys came into the world in drastically different ways.  Sue lives with her husband, their two active and inquisitive homeschooled boys and their kitty, Pumpkin.  They all live happily in Davenport, Florida. 

Pregnancy, Labor and Birth combine to make an amazingly beautiful, yet daunting, Journey.  Sue will help you navigate this Journey by giving you tools you can use to make your child's birth more than just an everyday birth of a baby.  She uses her own experiences, along with the Birthing From Within philosophies, to help you look at the pain of childbirth, and ultimately the birth of your child, in a completely different way.

Sue and her son, Calvin. March 2002



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